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Chemical cleaning (pickling & passivation)

Chemical cleaning is required during pre-commissioning or post commissioning activities and generally applicable during regular shut down work.

Chemical cleaning has long been regarded as the most efficient and least disruptive method for cleaning piping and cooling water systems, boilers and tanks. Chemical cleaning is required on new build systems to ensure that residual contamination and excess depositions such as scale, welding scale, corrosion, sand, temporary protective coating, any other construction debris, oil and grease do not contaminate fluid in the piping or cause severe damage to rotating machinery or valves. Existing piping systems in service that are affected by contaminants, organic and inorganic scales, may in time reduce flow rates or affect heat transfer. Hydratech can provide the most technically advanced, cost-effective chemical cleaning solution with its various capacity fleet of chemical cleaning equipment’s and portable laboratory.

Steps involved in chemical cleaning procedure:

  • Degreasing; Pickling; Passivation; Neutralization; Drying

Surface treatments / Cleaning:

  • chemical cleaning of SS, MS & CS pipes at marine vessels
  • Pickling and passivation of steel structures, spools.
  • Chemical treatment of heat exchangers
  • Cleaning of vessels (steam cleaning, HP water jet cleaning)
  • Anti-corrosion Treatments